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Welcome to Chora



At Chora, we write blogs and articles that are designed to provoke lively and rational discussion. We set out the elaborate articles of our Faith and try to evolve their re-interpretation in light of specific modern discoveries and concepts.

One key example we like to quote lies in the phrase to “God creates”. A lazier interpretation has been to claim that God created, for instance, dinosaurs, on the spot. Abra Kadabra. A little Harry Potter-esque. This kind of ‘interpretation’ of our Bible doesn’t accept the likes of evolution, for example. Instead, we explore the convergence of Science and Religion – these are not, by our standards, views on existence.


Here’s another: “God creations are unchanging”. Did this concept stem from some kind of eternal need for false certainties and stabilities? We want to explore the reality that everything is developing and non-stop. It is God that somehow provides the energy that enables the Cosmos to keep functioning in this way.


God is omnipresent in the whole of creation and in the laws of the Cosmos – from evolution of the smallest and largest instances of matter and in the full range of universal life. To transform our increasing knowledge and understanding of the Cosmos and, indeed, Ourselves, we want to provide a space in which we can explore the interaction between seemingly disparate ideas of Christianity versus Faith. Within this, we can converse with our Creator God, asking for his grace to use out increasing knowledge for the Common Good, such as to avoid its harmful misuse. 


Please read and enjoy. We welcome any discussion and feedback and look forward to beginning this journey together.

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