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‘How do we know there is only one designer?’ challenges Hume. One possible explanation lies in the quite extraordinary integration of living life achieved 24/7/365. An example of such integration and design lies in DNA. Bill Gates himself sees DNA as a type of programming language, just as others see the Cosmos as being self programming. There are 4 nucleotide bases that make up the code of DNA, in its full form ‘Deoxyribonucleic Acid’. It is one of the most complex molecules on Earth and takes the shape of a double helix, as pictured in the graphic. In the nucleus of a cell, DNA structures itself into what is called a ‘chromosome’. Human cells are made up of 23 pairs of said ‘chromosomes’, 22 of which are known as ‘autosomes’ which consist of most hereditary information. The remaining pair are the sex chromosomes. We can see on the graphic an example of this, which can either be ‘X’ or ‘Y’; these determine gender.

The 4 nucleotide bases position themselves almost as notes in a particular order, a programmed result. Similarly, in the table of elements, we see order and presence can drastically change a chemical from simple to extraordinarily complex. Over time, we have learnt to master and experiment with DNA. But, when we look at the original structure, before the changes in genetic material take shape, within all living things, we see an example of beautiful design. We see order, symmetry and beauty. As aforementioned, it is only with small, minute changes to this form that we see huge, speciechanging disparity in living things. We have even come to the point that we can edit and manipulate DNA; the arbiter of life. We have almost taught ourselves God-like powers; we can create and destroy at will. Much like how we have learnt to create ‘self-programming entities’ (robots, AI, etc.)

But back to convergence. As it unfolds, present science continues to reinforce its convergence with faith. One look at Genesis and you shall find the equivalent of the Big Bang; an emergence of creation from nothing. Genesis also tells us the story of one man and one woman. The belief that all mankind derived from an original couple. While science is still searching for evidence of one particular male genome, recent discoveries have found that us Sapiens have evolved from the mitochondrial DNA of one woman. Our grandmother, our Mitochondrial Eve if you will, has an accepted status within modern science. This is the epitome of present science reinforcing, against all expectation and probability, this notion that the human race comes down to 2 individuals. There is proof in present day knowledge that validates the bible! We continue to see this convergence with our faith based interpretation of science deepen, and hope that further analogies and discoveries will draw in members of hardcore atheism to consider a new light. Science need not be an argument against design; quite the opposite, in fact. Evolution, since our grandmother, Mitochondrial Eve, might indeed be a consequence of life on Earth, but not the primary cause of it. This has recently become a more prominent theory within present Science, and hopefully shall continue to evolve with further investigation and discovery, surrounding DNA in particular.

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