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Cosmic Breakthrough

We’ve so forth discussed the Eden Moment; the moment where we became aware of immaterial things, ‘The Other’, as well as our selves. We have continued to explore the cosmos and matter from that point forth.

Since earlier versions of Homo, evolved over 4 +million years ago, we have developed increased brain power and skills by learning about the natural context in which lives were developed. For example, roughly 500,000 years ago, our ancestors produced highly sophisticated flint axes. The first known arrow has been found from this exact period, which are even difficult to replicate today, even though we have evolved a great deal.

Previously, our sight was restricted to ‘normal’ sight. We could ‘see’ the nearest star - Alpha Centauri - 4.3 light years away or up to 50 kilometres by horizontal vision. But our whole capability was revolutionised around 1610 when Galileo first saw the four largest moons of Jupiter through his crude telescope. Around the same time, Janssen began to explore minute objects through his new microscope.

The doors were opened in both directions. Now, ever more focus and length has been gained so that we can ‘see’ the edge of space/time and near to the smallest particle! As a result, we are blessed with the capability to investigate atoms; in particular, local and non local communication.

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