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Cosmic Consciousness and Communication

Usually, consciousness is associated, at various levels, with DNA-based life forms. So far, at least, we are not aware of any other instances of DNA based life anywhere else outside of our Earth in the entire Cosmos. Despite the scientific exploration community trying endlessly to communicate and exchange messages with “someone” out there, we are yet to hear an intelligible peep.

Many profound scientists believe that any future form of communication is highly unlikely. By some, this is thought to the extent that our earthbound DNA-consciousness is a unique result of our individual Earthly Evolution. Some kind of parallel evolution achieving identical results are considered to be extremely remote. This line of thinking would make us, the Homo Sapiens, unique in our consciousness within the Cosmos.

When we dive deeper into the chances of Homo Sapiens and, indeed, the rest of the entire Cosmos arising as a result of the Big Bang, we find the chances of our actual existence to be possible only within unimaginably narrow margins. To give an apt example, a new study suggests that Earth is an entirely unique planet within our universe, to the extent that it may be a May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place (Astrophysicist Erik Zackrisson, Uppsala University). Drifting outside of these margins, any ‘experiment’ to find consciousness in the rest of the Cosmos would be rendered entirely impossible in itself.

As a result, at least for now, we can only source consciousness within the DNA based life forms that exist on Earth. Thus, a significant level of research is poured into the understanding of consciousness in these living beings, particularly that of Homo Sapiens. So far, we find no conclusive result.

This reasoning, Cosmic Consciousness, forms the key stance for the atheistic approach to the lack of purpose in what creation is ‘meant for’; essentially what existence is for. Here stems the battleground against our God-centred approach; our understanding that existence and creation is eternal. It is to spread God’s glory that forms the purpose to our existence and forms the meaning to our creation.

It is possible to view creation in 4 stages:

1. The Big Bang (the First Minutes)

2. The Evolution of the Material Cosmos

3. The Advent and Evolution of Life on Earth

4. The union of Human and Cosmic Consciousness

As explored in a previous blog (see this link), we are endlessly discovering and gaining skills that enable us to use and manipulate vast arrays of toolsets. We can, through Science, explore the very edges of reality. Is there nothing beyond the material Cosmos however? The hope-less Atheistic approach assumes no Creator God, no afterlife to desire, quite literally nothing.

But within the realms of our reality and through the lens of Science we see inter-communication between every object in our Cosmos. This stems from the smallest single celled forms, which have been demonstrated to react to each other, up through all levels of life. We see it in insects up the advanced systems of intercommunication between larger animals such as sharks, dolphins, elephants.

But even static forms, such as trees, communicate with each other and their surroundings. Peter Wohlleben, the author of the bestselling ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’, speaks exhaustively on oak trees as an example, citing the chemical language that takes place:

“Trees don’t want to grow fast. They want to have companions. They want to live in social groups … they support each other.”

Even the fundamental laws of physics which established themselves in the First Microsecond or as part of the Big Bang are interconnected:

“The first fundamental law of the universe is the law of three forces, of three principles, or, as it is often called, the law of three. According to this law every action, every phenomenon in all worlds without exception, is the result of a simultaneous action of three forces- the positive, the negative, and the neutralizing.” (G. I. Gurdjieff)

Three forces. This sounds remarkably like a reflection of the concept of the Holy Trinity. Interconnection. Intercommunication. Odds. How can we possibly rule out the possibility of something, some Creator God, beyond the material Cosmos?

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