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Local and Non-Local Communication

Our Earth is made up of an innumerable amount of atoms. Well, not innumerable; but really when we think of 1040 atoms, the quantity seems to become somewhat impossible to imagine. Bear in mind these figures are not totally accurate; popular estimations range significantly between ridiculously enormous numbers, which really just goes to show how complex the amount try is. Beyond that, we have our Universe. Here is where things really do get innumerable. It is believed, for example, that about 74% of the mass of the Milky Way is made up of hydrogen atoms alone. A popular estimation for the whole universe is around 1080. The true amount could, of course, be of a much higher value - it is common knowledge that Science generally accepts we have not explored the full extent of our Universe as of yet. But, you get the picture.

Each atom has a shell so it helps to picture an atom as almost a ball. Within each atom we find the ‘trons’ (protons, neutrons, electrons…). These elements of atoms, however, are not limited by time or space. A heavily oversimplified description of communication between atoms can be explained, for example, by electrons pairing or communicating with electrons on another planet; e.g. between Earth and Mars. Here, we see subatomic, local communication between atoms. Nowadays, this can, to some extent, be proven by our ability to have direct communication with such atoms. With modern science, we can essentially sent rockets from one block of atoms to another. We can predict with newtons laws, and travel further into the cosmos with confidence. We have sent a rocket 4 billion miles away to send information back to us about the edges of the universe as we know it today.

The way we can launch such rockets using highly predictable laws is extraordinary. The non- local communication between atoms previously led Christians to see God as in control of everything. We see this in the form of belief of Deism; perpetuated by the likes of Clavin in the 18th century. But here, God seems to assume much less of a role. As in, he’s already created these laws and done his job… he can take the back seat. Whereas, when we look at the subatomic world and subatomic communication, we see a very detailed inter-working of laws (gravity, for example, being one of them) which function autonomously. There seems to be a very sophisticated design behind it all, which has forever allowed the Universe to function 24/7 on the basis of some almost mystical inter-work.

But, really, it is non-local communication that is fascinating! Take a look at quantum entanglement theory blog for more.

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