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Quantum Entanglement

Newton’s Clock Work Universe, based on classical physics has been progressively underlain by quantum mechanics from the close of 19th century, led by physicists such as Einstein. That is not to say that classical physics is wrong. It is correct within certain ranges, after all, Newton’s formulae send space missions to outer space precisely and generally safely, we can have confidence in such calculations.

Quantum mechanics enable the inner workings of atoms and their energies to be managed. Quantum mechanics focuses on the interaction of waves and particles and their ‘entanglement.’ Professor Jim Al Khalili portrays how an electron or photon is projected through a split screen, it appears in two spots simultaneously linked with each in a way that ignores the speed of light. These spots can be anywhere in the cosmos- still fully and immediately entangled- ‘spooky’ was the word Einstein used - “Spooky Action at a Distance”. He and two colleagues devised EPR Paradox Split Screen Experiment to disprove the proposition. This has been repeated many times across the world without success, most recently by a group of Swiss gaming enthusiasts- getting no nearer to another explanation.

Let’s dial this back a bit. Quantum Entanglement Theory essentially provides that you can split a subatomic particle into 2. When you do so, they will work in sync. So, let’s say we plant half in Norfolk, and the other half in Cheam (sense us catering to the audience here, we could, in reality plant one half somewhere more exciting like Mars instead). Essentially, it will follow that if we were to flip one half over in Norfolk, the other half would automatically flip over too. SPOOKY (Einsten). This simply cannot be explained by Science as of yet; it is beyond the realms of our current understanding of physics. Is there an alternate explanation? It is definitely worth considering that some intelligent design might be involved.

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