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Science & Faith: The Paradox

How did the world begin? The Big Bang, right? Scientists will rely on the Big Bang as the starting point to all of creation. But a paradoxical nature lies behind it all; especially for reductionist scientists. In Science, it is a well-known tenet that all experiments should be repeatable. So, when it comes to ghosts, faith, mediums, spirits, whatever, there’s a pretty big argument against it all in this sense! A large proportion of scientists follow what is known as ‘Methodological Naturalism’. Essentially, this says that God should have no part in Scientific phenomena. But, this whole theory requires Scientists to find explanations for these gaps based on material things; things that can be observed, tested, replicated.

Can we replicate this universe? Sure, we might replicate the Big Bang in a particle accelerator. But, is it possible to replicate us, as the authors of this book, writing the book? Or indeed you, as a reader, reading this book? It really is the case that cosmologists just don’t tick these boxes required by science.

We find no material explanation for quantum entanglement, or indeed for magnetism either. There are many more examples. But, as a Society, we refuse to allow any room for God to fill in at least a part of the explanation. We need material proof, yet it is impossible to conjure. We require repeatable experiments, yet the whole existence of our universe is not repeatable on this basis and does not fit within the realms of modern science as it stands - the chance is so UNBELIEVABLY minute that it is practically impossible to replicate! We know this, we know the chances are practically nil, yet we allow the odds of this eventuality trump what might otherwise be explained by even a small chance of intelligent design! No mathematician, surely, could make sense of our the probability vs rationale.

We are fed this line that science cannot possible be compatible with any form of faith, but this is irrational! Of course, we know that there are laws of science which govern our very existence. These do not fall out of line with belief; far from it. Rather these point towards at least a little proof of some beautifully intricate design.

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